Window Cleaning Lone Tree

Window Cleaning Lone Tree What can I say? 4 Seasons Window Cleaning absolutely loves Lone Tree. I started cleaning glass here at the Infinity Homes models on the hillside back in 2004. For the last 10 years years it has been our number one city for work. In fact, in 2015 we cleaned over 200 houses just in the city of Lone Tree. Even though it may not be very large when measured by square miles, or population, for the moment there are lots and lots of beautiful homes, most with stunning views. With the incredible amount building going on here, it has been my experience that there is more dust on the east side of Lone Tree than any other city on the south side of Denver.

With all the dust, and great views, Lone Tree residents often take advantage of our seasonal discount program. This cleaning program rewards people who get their outside windows cleaned once each season. Since it takes less time to clean windows with only a few months of dust on them, I can pass the savings on to you. This is a cost effective way of insuring that you will have clean windows all year long.

Window Screen Repair Lone Tree

The window design in Lone Tree is split roughly 70/30, with most windows sporting exterior window screens. With Lone Tree's elevation, and proximity to the Palmer divide, summer storms can get rather nasty here. One of the only drawbacks to living in Lone Tree is that hail damage to outside window screens is very common. In the past 10 years I have personally repaired over 1,000 screens in Lone Tree that were damaged by hail.

Christmas Light Installation Lone Tree

Lone Tree residents also enjoy lighting up their homes for the holiday season. Some people in Lone Tree like to save 10% on holiday light installation by getting the lights hung up early. Budget minded folks can have their lights put up before November 15th to lock in the savings. As far as I can tell there is no downside to getting the lights put up early. Not only do you save some money, but in snowy years the lights will be up before the worst of the early winter weather moves in. There have been a few jobs over the years that did not get the highest parts of the roof line lit because the homes had snow all over the roof that did not melt in time. During 2015, 4 Seasons Window Cleaning helped install holiday lights for 25 homes in Lone Tree. Of those, almost half put them up before November 15th.


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