Window Cleaning Highlands Ranch

Window Cleaning Highlands Ranch The first homes in Highlands Ranch were built in 1981. Today more than 100,000 people call Highlands Ranch home and more development is underway. Currently "The Backcountry" is where most of the building in Highlands Ranch is occurring. I recommend homeowners here to look into our seasonal window cleaning program. This is a cost effective way to keep those beautiful backcountry views nice and clear all year round. After all, that is one of the reasons you chose to live here in the first place.

It is important to remember that who you choose to clean your windows for the first time after you move in to a new home is very important. You see, during the construction process all kinds of materials can end up on the inside and outside your window. Things like paint overspray, concrete, silicone from glazers, and dry wall mud are just a few of them. Hiring a professional window cleaning company who knows how to remove each kind of debris is extremely important. If they don't know how to deal with tempered glass your windows may end up all scratched.

The people of Highlands Ranch love their clean windows because The Ranch enjoys some of the best views in the Front Range. I have worked all over the Denver area the past 21 years years and the views from the upper reaches of Wildcat Mountain are tough to beat. It is not surprising that Highlands Ranch comprises over 20% of all my window cleaning jobs since the company was founded back in 2003. In fact, I found myself working here so much that I decided to buy a house here on in Highlands Ranch more than 14 years ago.

Window Screen Repair Highlands Ranch

By far the most common window style in Highlands Ranch is a window with the screen on the outside. Although outside window screens are very functional for keeping bugs out of your home, they do have two major drawbacks. The first is that outside window screens are great at catching dust and dirt. Then when it rains and snows the dirt is transported to the glass surface. For this reason, a window with a screen in front of it will get dirty much faster than a window without a screen. I personally think it is a great idea to remove all the window screens in the fall after the bugs are gone. This will not only keep your glass cleaner longer, but will also give you a better view of the outside world during a time of year that most people send lots of time inside. The second problem with outside window screens is hail damage. Outside screens don't fare well with hail larger than nickel size. However, even hail smaller than nickel size can also cause screens to tear if the screens have been exposed to the sun for a few years and have started to fade. Unfortunately, over the past 11 years, Highlands Ranch has been home to more that 30% of all 4 Seasons Window Cleaning screen repairs.


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