Christmas Light Installation

For the past 14 years, 4 Seasons Window Cleaning has been helping people with their exterior illumination during the holiday season.

Christmas Light Hangers

Christmas Light Installation I learned the craft years ago working for my aunt who had a plant rental business in Boston. Her company was also responsible for decorating office parks and malls for the holiday season. By the time I graduated High School I could already hang lights like a pro.

20 years later, in a year that saw huge October snow storms, I began offering holiday light installation to my existing window customers. It was really a necessity in a year when the window cleaning season was cut short. At first, I thought that installing holiday lights could take some of the fun out of the Holidays for me, but it fact it has been the opposite! I really enjoy bringing holiday cheer to people and it is just a really fun time of year for all involved. My little girls also really enjoy driving around in the nights leading up to Christmas to see all the lights Daddy hung up.

4 seasons has decorated over 150 houses for the holidays and we are doing more every year - 42 homes in 2015 alone.

This is still a side business for 4 Seasons Window Cleaning. Unlike companies that do nothing but hang lights, we don't rent and store the lights for you. However, I really think that it is a big benefit to the homeowner when you own your own lights and have them in your possession, you will never be without. Over the years we have inherited several customers because the company they were using disappeared and took their holiday lights with them.

If you don't have lights yet, I can help you buy them. In most cases I only charge a onetime $40 shopping fee for buying your lights, cords and timers.

I would strongly encourage people with old incandescent bulbs to look into switching over to LEDs. LEDs in most cases only use 10%, or less, of the energy of "old school" lights. This means two things. First, your electric bill will be a lot lower with the new lights. Second, because they use a lot less energy, you can connect more strings together. For this reason, people today can have much bigger light displays with fewer cords, for a much cleaner look. It has also been my experience that the new LEDs are also much more durable and reliable. The final benefit for customers with the new LED lights is that we charge for Holiday light installation based on man hours spent on the job. With the older lights, we often spend a lot of time trouble shooting burnt out bulbs and bad fuses. This means that two identical jobs, one with old lights, and one with new, will have different costs to install. In some cases, it can be as much as 50% more to hang the old lights.

I do free estimates and design consultations. This means I will come out to your house and talk to you about what you would like done to your home and tell you what it would cost. Call 303-870-1846 today!